How to find calm when you’re feeling crazy

Introducing emotion recognition! Here in the West, we have a strange relationship with our emotions. We particularly try to avoid negative emotions: in fact, we’ll do just about anything to not feel those – drink, take drugs, shop, watch TV, gamble. Addiction is largely fueled by this desire to avoid our negative emotions. So here’s […]

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Relax with a hot Epsom salts bath

Take a hot Epsom salts bath! Are you deficient in magnesium? Chances are good that you are – roughly 80% of the population is deficient in this important mineral. If your gut has been damaged by long-term medication use, your gut bugs will struggle to can’t absorb minerals properly, including magnesium, and you will end […]

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How to settle an upset tummy – naturally.

After years of kefirsing, it’s pretty rare that we get ill on the farm, but occasionally we do catch the odd bug! Recently Benji picked up a tummy bug that left him feeling queasy. So, natural health mummy to the rescue! Here’s what I did to help him feel better: First order of business is […]

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How we treat a cold on the farm

Winter is the season of coughs, colds and sniffles! On the farm, we keep our immune systems continually boosted with our daily dose of kefir, so it’s pretty rare that we get ill. But there are always new strains of bacteria and viruses evolving out there, and every so often one of them will sneak […]

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3 Simple Hacks to Manage Stress

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone! Chances are, it’s your own high standards that are causing the problem. You’re trying to do it all right, and it’s costing you. Any time there’s a pervasive ideal of how things should be, it’s going to rub up against the broken edges of how things actually are. And that […]

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Relieve stress with the Good Skin Meditation

When you’re working with the Good Skin Solution, you understand that your skin is a map of your gut. Whatever is going on inside your microbiome, will show up on your skin. So in order to heal your skin, you’re first going to have to heal your gut.  We know that the following four things […]

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