The Ultimate Gut-Healthy Breakfast

This is my go-to breakfast on the farm, and it ticks all my boxes – fast, tasty, low-GI, gluten-free, probiotic, satisfying, resistant starch, boosts your nervous system, and superfood-charged. What’s not to like? Ingredients 170 ml Chuckling Goat Kefir (per person) 1 handful of organic jumbo oats (per person) 50 g fruit of choice (per […]

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Sharman’s Lemon Truffle Delights

Preparation Time: 15/20 mins Ingredients: 8/10 medjool dates 2ozs of raisins 2ozs of ground almonds 1oz of unsweetened desiccated coconut 1oz of cashew nuts Grind of 1/2 of unwaxed lemon Juice of the 1/2 unwaxed lemon 1 full tbsp of melted coconut oil. Method: Put half of the desiccated coconut, plus the rest of the […]

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What you should be eating every day instead of bread, rice, pasta or potatoes!

If you’re kefirising in order to get on top of a skin condition or autoimmune disorder, we recommend eating “good grains” to help support the action of the kefir inside your system. What’s a good grain? Let’s start by examining what’s NOT a good grain. In a word – wheat. I know, it’s bad news, […]

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Guilt-free kefir pancakes!

Between you, me and the wall, I adore pancakes. I like the American style pancakes, that are thick and fluffy. I’ve also been scouting around for a good guilt-free flour, that is gluten-free and low-GI, and I’ve settled for the moment on sorghum. Love it! So I’ve come up with this recipe for kefir pancakes, […]

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Here’s what we eat on the farm instead of bread…

If you’re trying to eat a gluten-free, non-inflammatory diet to heal your skin with the Good Skin Solution, bread is a no-no. I know, right? Saddest. Thing. Ever. But then the question becomes, what on earth do you eat instead? Because let’s face it, most of us are accustomed to using bread at every meal, […]

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How do you make healing collagen broth?

So, we’ve established that to heal your skin, you’re first going to have to heal your gut. And what’s the fastest way to do this? It’s a happy one-two combo of kefir and something I like to call collagen broth. Collagen broth is essentially the same thing as meat stock or bone broth. The traditional […]

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